Credit Application

Thanks for your interest in Bennett Marine products!

Our general guideline before extending credit terms are for OEMs a minimum of 50 sets per year, and for international distributors a minimum order of $10,000 per year. At this time we are not accepting applications for domestic distributors.

Bank Reference

Trade References

Credit Card Authorization Form

To provide credit card information, please download the attached Credit Card Authorization form, fill and sign. Then scan, or simply take a picture with your phone and upload it below, or you may email it to

Applicant certifies that all the information contained herein to be true and accurate. In support of this application, Bennett Marine, Inc. is authorized to obtain credit and/or financial information from banks, other financial institutions, or commercial firms with whom the Applicant has done business. Applicant acknowledges that the credit terms of Bennett Marine, Inc., if granted, are Net 30 days. The Applicant agrees to pay reasonable costs and expenses should legal recourse become necessary, including all attorney fees and costs to enforce and procure payment. I further state that I am in the capacity to sign and agree to these terms for my company.