Hinge Plate Only (HPO)

Trim Tab Systems

Self-Leveling Tabs

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For boats over 20 feet check out either our electric, classic or sport hydraulic systems.

A simple, durable, and affordable trimming solution for smaller boats. Quick and easy installation with nothing to do inside the boat – just mount the actuators and trim tabs on the transom and enjoy the benefits.

  • Three mounting options to easily change lift
  • Plane at lower speeds
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Eliminate porpoising and chine walking
  • Improve your hole shot
  • Reduce engine laboring and improve fuel efficiency

Bennett trim tab Hinge Plates are made of high quality 304 stainless steel and remain strong and rigid, even in the most demanding environments. Hinge Plates can be purchased individually but typically make up a Trim Plane Assembly.

Parts - Hinge Plate Only

HP12Hinge Plate Only for 12" tab
HP18Hinge Plate Only for 18" tab
HP24Hinge Plate Only for 24" tab
HP30Hinge Plate Only for 30" tab
HP36Hinge Plate Only for 36" tab
HP42Hinge Plate Only for 42" tab
HP48Hinge Plate Only for 48" tab
HP54Hinge Plate Only for 54" tab
HP60Hinge Plate Only for 60" tab
HP66Hinge Plate Only for 66" tab
HP72Hinge Plate Only for 72" tab
HPM80Hinge Plate Only for M80 8" tab
HPM120Hinge Plate Only for M120 10" tab
HPST9Hinge Plate for ST9 Tab
HPST12Hinge Plate for ST12 Tab
HPST16Hinge Plate for ST16 Tab

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